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✨✨✨ Complete Pack ✨✨✨

☑ FUE autotransplantation up to 5000 Bulbs 👨

☑ Hotel-Clinic-Airport VIP Transfers 🚐

☑ 3 Nights in a 5 Star Hotel in the center of Istanbul 🏨🏩

☑ Blood test (HIV test, Hepatitis C test, CBC) 💉

☑ Turkish / English interpreter in the clinic 👫

☑ First PRP treatment and Salmon DNA included in the price 💉

☑ Shampoo, Spray and Supplement

☑ Autotransplant Guarantee 💥

Now in Campania, Calabria, Sicily soon all over Italy

☑ Free direct pre & post transplant visits made by our specialist.

☑ PRP and Mesotherapy treatments at discounted prices done by our specialist.

✈️ Possibility to leave with a group and / or with a companion.

💶 No additional cost for the companion!

To book the trip that will change your life contact us and set a date for departure, we’ll take care of the rest, ORGANIZING the trip and your stay down to the smallest detail!

* A passport is not required, in fact, only the Identity Card (valid for expatriation with at least 6 months of residual validity) is enough. Italian citizens do not need a visa if they travel to Turkey as a tourist for 90 days within 180 days.


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