Stem Cell Therapy in Dentistry


Healthy teeth and bones is one of the points to take care of your health. Correct and well-timed dentistry care will help you to avoid teeth loss, periodontal anatomy modifications or other possible developments.

Vitality Stem cell therapy in Dentistry provides you with the innovative treatment which renovates your body processes on a cellular level.

The main function of stem cells in the human body is to replace old differentiated cells and restore the cellular composition of damaged tissues, which is important for the complex treatment of periodontal diseases.

Vitality Stem cells Dentistry Programs provide the highly technological treatment that executes the regeneration processes for bones and teeth, reconstruct the lost tissues (because of different injuries or diseases such as cancer), and provides the preparation for implantology in the patient’s jaw or bone remodeling.

The main indication to experience Stem cell therapy in Dentistry ppt are:

  • Parodontitis
  • Alveolar bone atrophy
  • Dental defects with implants replacement

Vitality Programs have unique fillings that are formed with the help of high expertise of ADONIS medical staff.

The preparation stage includes more than 20 patient’s exams on the basis of ADONIS own laboratory, the latest equipment ensures the precious results which is one of the main factors for the successful treatment both start and finish.

The process of Stem cells Procedure is totally safe and painless (the anesthesia can be provided on request). The whole process is conducted in 3 days (the procedure is carried out on the 2nd one), up to 10 mln of Stem cells are injected for your well-being and total health. The material for injection as well as the medical equipment is checked with the help of several level examinations which is carried out in ADONIS own laboratory.

The rehabilitation stage or after-procedure care is provided during 1 year after the Stem cells procedure by means of medical follow up and help. The first results and visible changes can appear in 3-6-9 month depending on the whole patient’s state, lifestyle, history and individual features.

The definite response of the body can’t be predictable, because everyone is different. The one thing remains indisputable – Vitality Stem cells treatment for Dentistry is the medical assistance that improves your processes and regeneration on the cell level.

Vitality Medical and Research Center is the place of your health and quality treatment.

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Stem cells BASIC Rejuvenation Package

Stem cell therapy is an attractive modern way to regenerate bones and teeth.

In addition to the maxillofacial reconstruction of tissues lost due to trauma or cancer, the concept of regenerative dentistry is especially applied in the fields of periodontics and implantology, as periodontal disease is a common cause of alveolar bone and tooth loss, which limits the ability of dental implants to restore periodontal anatomy or missing teeth.

A combination of different approaches, for example, the simultaneous use of scaffolds, growth factors and stem cells, is expected to increase the effectiveness of regenerative therapies based on the traditional concept of tissue engineering.

Also, the use of stem cells may represent an important window of opportunity for faster and predictable bone remodeling.

A tissue bioengineering strategy to regenerate and/or enlarge the bone crest using mesenchymal stem cells is an excellent option to be considered for more extensive orthopedic procedures such as dentoalveolar anomalies (cleft lip and palate), temporomandibular disorders, osteogenic distraction and expansion of the upper jaw

The package includes:

– 15+ medical tests
– doctor`s consultations
– Accommodation (at clinic or 3* hotel)
– Translation service (English, Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian)
– Transfer from/to airport
– 24/7 support
– Medical follow-up for 1 year

*Stem cell material up to 10 million cells; (dosage and type of stem cell material are chosen by our doctors for each patient individually).

**The list of examinations can be modified or enlarged in accordance with doctor’s recommendations.

Possible methods of cellular material administration:
– intravenously
– local administration

– other
Each patient is provided with the Certificate of Analysis of stem cell material confirming its quality.

  • Atrophy of the alveolar bone;
  • Parodontosis;
  • Replacement of dental defects with implants.