Stem Cell Therapy in Surgery


The therapeutic effect of stem cells is achieved due to their ability to differentiate and transdifferentiate into tissue-specific cells, to fuse with the resident cells, to secrete a wide array of paracrine factors in order to stimulate the survival and functional recovery of the resident cells or to regulate the local microenvironment or immune response.
Regarding surgery, we are talking about diseases such as diabetic feet, non-healing ulcers, where stem cells therapy accelerates the regeneration process.
Sold By: Vitality medical & Research Center


Stem cells BASIC Rejuvenation Package

  • Vitiligo;
  • Trophic skin ulcers;
  • Diabetic foot;
  • Arthrosis and postoperative conditions of the joints;
  • In case the patient is not mentally ready to replace the joint with an endoprosthesis;
  • Chronic and acute damages of articular cartilage;
  • Aseptic necrosis, Koenig’s disease;
  • Fractures of bones that do not grow together for a long time and false joints;
  • Chronic tendon inflammation;
  • Chronic pain around the joints;
  • Rough postoperative and post-traumatic scars.

The package includes:

– 15+ medical tests
– doctor`s consultations
– Accommodation (at clinic or 3* hotel)
– Translation service (English, Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic)
– Transfer from/to airport
– 24/7 support
– Medical follow-up for 1 year

*Stem cell material up to 10 million cells; (dosage and type of stem cell material are chosen by our doctors for each patient individually).

**The list of examinations can be modified or enlarged in accordance with doctor’s recommendations.

Possible methods of cellular material administration:
– intravenously
– local administration

– other
Each patient is provided with the Certificate of Analysis of stem cell material confirming its quality.